Premium Web Designer

Specialist in WordPress and Bootstrap

Creative concepts

Everything starts with a creative concept, fleshed out to meet your goals

Well planned strategy

I map out a clever strategy that gives your website the right footing in this highly competitive landscape.

Brilliant ideas

Whatever niche you're in, I'm sure to get a brilliant idea that suits your objective.

Best designs

The best part of the job is designing the 'perfect' website that meets your objectives and performs to satisfaction.

The best web designer in the market, skilled in design & strategy

Your customer feedback is important! When we work together, expect constant feedback, speedy reverts and an eye for detail. Plus, you get a modern, clean, optimized website that is fast, mobile friendly and enhanced with the latest security features to ensure effective performance.

Creative solutions
Need promotions, campaigns, incentives to build your audience? Every idea is unique, smart and tailored to suit your needs.
Web design
Whatever your fancy, I can create it. Any website, designed to exceptional standards, in any market niche you want.
Online marketing
One of our add-on services. Order this package if you find it hard to figure out the correct online marketing strategy.
Website hosting
We offer a fantastic web hosting solution for our clients, ensuring your website is always up and running 365
Domain registration
Don't fret about the perfect domain name. We have a library of striking, brilliant domain names you can buy and own forever!
Video production
The future of blogging is video. In readiness, our studio comes with the requisite tools to give you the video concepts you need to boost your content marketing efforts.
Accelerator Bundles
Don't just get a website. Accelerate your performance with advanced SEO, unique and fresh content and mobile optimization.
Market research
Tons of market research go into our web design to ensure you get the best, latest advancements in the market.

Work Flow Process

Sequence of actions


Defining The Project

Creative concept

Everything starts with a creative concept. We sit down with you to define your vision, goals and objectives for your website.


The Proposal

Crafting the response

Once I have a clear understanding of what you expect, I craft a proposal response. I also offer you sample web designs to guide you in the right direction. Your proposal includes best options for design, look, color, theme, layout and content.


Detailed UX Design

The magic begins!

The fun part is designing the right website for you and seeing it take shape right before your eyes. I keep you updated every step of the way to ensure client satisfaction.


Coding & Development

Built to perform

All our websites are built with clean code. This means you can expect a fast-loading, mobile-friendly website that is eye catching. After design, I test the website for performance, loading speeds, optimization and security features.


Product Launch

Born to fly

It's time to launch! Go on and conquer the online world!

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Meet Me

Let’s engage on social media!

David Makuyu

David Makuyu

Started in radio

I’m a broadcast radio professional, with a passion for digital marketing, innovation, music and events.

In addition to leading a fast-growing Start-Up Agency, my other passion is web design. Over the last couple of years, I’ve built up a sizeable client portfolio in this area. You see, every day I see a number of static websites that don’t give their owners much value and my first thought is, “I can help!” So I started this brand to help you generate the most value from your website. And in case you don’t have one, I’m here to guide you in the right direction. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than creating eye catching, easy to use websites for my clients. And I love seeing the spark in your eyes when you see the final product!


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Inquire about my Add-On Bundles that will boost web performance.

When you work with me, you get a creative, eye catching and fast-performing website that’s optimized for performance. In addition to wordpress web design, I offer competitive add-on service bundles. Choose from SEO Optimization (basic & advanced), linkbuilding, LSI, keyword analysis, content marketing, social media acceleration and web hosting solutions.