Free Professional Websites For Worthy Charities

I Build Free Professional Websites For Worthy Charities. Here’s Why…

They deserve it.

They deserve a professional website where they can let the world know what a good job they are doing in society.

And when I say free, I mean they don’t pay a professional websites



And they get a beautifully, modern, fully functional, professional website.

Web Design for Charities is part of my annual CSR contribution to the amazing organizations who are doing such a wonderful job of giving hope to orphans and widows in the community.

If that describes your favorite Charity, let’s talk.

So let’s go in depth into what I mean by a ‘free professional website.’

I’m not talking one of those static, 1 page websites that hardly get updated.

I want worthy individuals and charities gain the same value from a great website that I have gained in the last couple of years.

I’m talking a modern, mobile-responsive, professional wordpress website, with high resolution images and graphics, front page sliders, populated with great unique content, and hosted on my servers.

free professional websites

I throw in some content marketing as well.

And yes… there’s a catch…

I do this for select Charities and Churches that need an online presence and truly deserve it thanks to their wonderful work on society.

To qualify, the Charity must not have an existing website.

(If it does, then it’s probably an old one, and in need for an overhaul. In that case, I will have a look at it and decide if it qualifies.)

That rules out charities that already have a top notch website and are looking for a freebie.

The only thing that is not free, is the domain name (although in certain cases I may invest in that if I feel the charity is unable to invest in one.)

The reason I’m reluctant to get involved with domain names is because in many cases the choice of a domain name is hugely personal.

Like I Mentioned, This Is My CSR Contribution To Society.

I want worthy individuals and charities gain the same value from a great website that I have gained in the last couple of years.

Having browsed though hundreds of blogs, I’ve realized that a number of Charities own an outdated website and creating great content on a consistent basis is a challenge.

The challenge with having an outdated website is that you hardly have any decent chance of ranking well in search engines.

And that’s the ONE thing you must do if you want to succeed online.

Web design has advanced so much in recent months, that when a person lands on an outdated website, their first impression is that you are not very serious.

You don’t want people thinking that about you!

You want people clicking on your website, getting impressed by your mission, vision and purpose.

You want them seeing you track record in rehabilitating the less fortunate in society, and therefore committing to supporting you wonderful vision.

A professional website makes you look good. Additionally, you look modern and relevant.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t donate a dime to a trashy looking Charity.

So, a free professional website is my way of blessing them and hopefully doing what I can to bring more traffic to their online doorstep.

Now, that I’ve said that, let’s define what’s in the package.


1. Free Professional Websites

You get a professionally designed website free of charge and valid for at least one year.

After that, you may decide to take over management of the website.

And we’re not talking any random boring-looking website.

I mean a top class, mobile friendly, fast loading website that makes you look good.

Check out our demo Charity/Church website designs and choose any one of them to get started.

Your brand new website will look exactly like that.


2. Free Hosting

You get free web hosting on my servers for one year.

The servers can handle traffic in excess of 12,000 people per month. In case your website exceeds these numbers, we can discuss a couple of affordable monthly solutions.

Your website will be hosted on shared hosting servers. That’s important to note.

In case you are looking for great web hosting packages, take a look at these top web hosting providers.

They are affordable and reliable, something I can’t say about a number of other web hosting providers. I have used them in the past and I found them to be worth their salt.


3. Long Form Blog Content

To rank your new website at the top of search engines, you need fresh and unique content that averages 2,500 to 3,000 words.

Studies show that blog posts averaging 2,700 words rank on page 1 or at the top of the search engine rankings for that select keyword.

To help you achieve best chances of a Page 1 ranking, I will write 5 blog posts averaging 3,000 words per blog post around your select keywords.

Kindly note: This is not a guarantee of a page 1 ranking. There are other factors that determine a page 1 ranking.


4. Keyword Optimization

As you can imagine, Google seeks to deliver the best authoritative content response to any query typed in its search engine.

One of the key things they look at is keyword optimization.

This simply means that any article must be well written around a key theme, or thought. That thought must be authoritative, well researched and answer the query to the best of its ability.

This way, when someone searches a particular phrase, they get the best answer.

In times past, writers used to stuff their articles with tons of keywords.

That led to all number of badly written articles that lacked sound intellectual reasoning. Worse, they weren’t even coherent.

Any content that falls into this categorization will not rank well.

Enter LSI…

Now, latent semantic indexing, or LSI is all the buzz.

I apply this understanding to craft really good content, optimized around your long-tail keywords.

Say your article topic is “sports medicine”.

In addition to that key phrase, you should know that there are other related words that naturally refer to the phrase/topic.

When I keyed in that phrase, this is what I found….

Keyword Research

Longtail keywords related to primary keyword sports medicine.

Straight away, I see that I can rank for multiple keywords like ‘sports medicine physicians’, sports medicine doctor’, and ‘sports medicines.

If you throw in a link or reference to, you are doing well. With 40,500 searches, someone is bound to land on your blog post.

I see there is even a typo on sports medicine docotor that’s getting a decent 9,900 searches.

You would therefore naturally include all these keywords in your blog article, to boost your chances of ranking for more than one keyword.

That’s the way Latent Semantic Indexing works.

When you write a topic that is well researched, a decent number of common keyword phrases will pop up. These are LSI keywords.

Search engines expect to find them in any article on that topic and therefore rank you for all the LSI phrases you use in your blog post.


5. Social Media Amplification

Your website is built ready for some super charged social media amplification.

Thanks to some really great plugins, it’s easier than ever before to promote your content on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat.

You get an added bonus!

I will promote your website to my network, including a number of top social media handles to give you an added boost in your marketing efforts.


6. SEO Optimization

I will perform basic SEO tasks to get your website found and indexed by the major search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial in affecting the online visibility of a website either through natural, earned or organic results. By optimization, I mean I wil help you build your sitemap, submit it to major search engines, perform basic linkbuilding, tidy up your keyword research, clean up your existing content, perform internal linking and meta tag optimization.

Backlinks remain the most important factor influencing a Page 1 result. Backlinking is an advanced premium task and requires a dedicated campaign around it that we can discuss in depth at a later stage.


It’s A Good Deal, Right?

It’s not anyone who can promise free professional websites, right?

As you can see you are getting a pretty good deal, which is why I limit my CSR projects to only 10 per year.

To qualify, you need to be a legally registered Charity/Church within your country of operation.

Provide proof of your registration details, like a copy of your registration certificate, an introductory letter, Facebook and Twitter social handles and two references.

Once I get these details, I will then do my background check to confirm the details after which I will get in touch with you regarding qualification for a new website.

Feel free to recommend a charity that deserves this privilege.

If you have a website that’s pretty old and you can hardly maintain it, I may consider you, but I won’t give you first priority.

I hope that is clear.

Feel free to spread the word to any Charity you support and deserves a brand new website.

Get in touch with me via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or via my contact page.

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