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Course Breakdown


'Power Up The Pod' is designed for aspiring podcasters who have little or no experience in podcasting.

If you want to explore the potential and opportunity that lies within the podcasting industry, then this is the course for you.

The course is divided into five modules. Each module comes with video and print notes.

This is a practical course. You learn by doing, right from the word go! I will be coaching you on tips and insights to developing your podcast career.

Module 1

Dreaming Up The Pod

The BIG question is "Why do you want to produce a podcast?"

Knowing your WHY is very important because you don't want to start something and then run out of steam a couple of months later. In this module, we examine your 'WHY' so that we are mentally prepared to achieve a fruitful podcasting experience.

  1. What's your WHY?
  2. Mapping out your overall podcasting take-out goal.
  3. Crafting your 'Success blueprint.'
  4. Starting with the end from the beginning.
  5. What to expect from your journey into podcasting.

2 Videos

Module 2

Thinking Up The Pod

Now that your WHY is clearly defined, its time to figure out HOW to get started.

We explore the thought behind the podcast: How to structure it, how to reach your intended audience, how to develop content, how to source for guests, how to develop your  audio delivery, finding your 'podcast voice' and how to develop your special podcast signature.
  1. What does an ideal podcast sound like?
  2. Types of podcasts.
  3. Discovering your 'podcast voice'
  4. Think like an Author: The role of storytelling.
  5. Crafting your podcast journey.
  6. Structuring your podcast: The Essentials.
  7. Content creation.
4 Videos

Module 3

Working Out The Pod

The first 2 modules dealt with your 'Why' and 'How'

Now that we are serious about this thing, we need to work it out. We undertake various practical sessions where we record and critique your first recordings. Together, we'll define your podcast voice, explore storytelling, narration, scripting, question-and-answer techniques, vocal animation, use of music, sound effects, teasers and imaging.
  1. Vocal Sessions
  2. Scripting your podcast
  3. Commanding your audience's attention
  4. Vocal Animation
  5. Music & Imaging
  6. Podcast length
  7. Branding and positioning
6 Videos

Module 4

Equipping The Pod

Up to this point, we haven't dealt with podcast gear!

I did that on purpose because the vocal training is EVERYTHING. The gear just emphasizes what you've mastered and skipped.

But now that we have some good training under our belt, we can think about our gear. Thankfully, you can get started with an inexpensive set and then grade up when you return an ROI. However, even as you start out, you need to start out right! We'll explore the best gear in the market.

Here you will learn:
  1. Podcasting Gear: An Overview.
  2. Mics & Mixers.
  3. Recording & editing techniques.
    Recording software.
2 Videos

Module 5

Power Up The Pod

Now we're ready to launch the podcast.

This is by far the most important phase of the entire podcasting journey because you're dealing with two 'unknowns' - your expectations and your listeners expectations.

How do you balance the two? And what can you expect as you launch your podcast?

Additionally, you will want to market your podcast on platforms like I Tunes and Google Podcasts. Each platform has requirements that you need to know to avoid rejection. We'll explore all that.

Here you will learn:
  1. Managing expectations: Yours and your listener
  2. Understanding the podcast growth trajectory
  3. Dealing with critics
  4. Monitoring your podcast
  5. Launch and market your podcast
  6. Podcast Platforms
  7. Monetizing your podcast
  8. Growing your audience
3 Videos

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