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Adventures In Faith


Adventures in Faith, as the name suggests, explores fascinating and intriguing explorations in the Christian faith.

If you're committed to God and want to walk with Him in purpose and victory, these Studies will help you firm up your foundation. We tackle particular topics that we believe have the most influence in your Christian walk.

For example, your prayer life is a biggie. So are your dreams. And understanding your purpose in this life. And it all starts with understanding God's identity. Who is He and why are we so important to Him? Find out through these topical studies. In particular, you will learn how to get your prayers answered, what happens in between prayer and receiving your answer, how God speaks, how to decode your dreams, and understanding the operation of the visible and invisible realms.

It's going to be quite an adventure! And I hope you're in it for the ride!

Ready? See the various studies below.

The King and His Kingdom

A relationship with God is only possible when you understand who He is.

Practically all the current confusion about God boils down to a misunderstanding of His Identity.

Way before He revealed Himself as the God of Grace or the God of Love, He is King.

This is so important because it immediately tells you how to interact with Him and how His principles work.

The King and His Kingdom delves into this mystery, laying out in plain simple English the identity of a King, the nature of a Kingdom, types of kingdoms in the Bible, the operation and mannerisms of a King, His language, rules, laws and the Kingdom system of political governance.

Once you understand this system of political governance, the mysteries of prayer, prosperity, health, wealth, destiny, purpose and identity become clear.

This is probably the most important study you will hear on God because it has a direct effect on your results in the Kingdom!
  1. The concept of the King and His Kingdom
  2. Back to Genesis: Introduction to the King
  3. The Adamic Kingdom (... and what went wrong)
  4. Understanding the laws and principles of the Kingdom
  5. The clash of two Kingdoms
  6. Your destiny and why it's so important to the King

24 hours of audio content

Decoding Your Dreams


We all want God to speak to us, but what we may have missed is that God has already been speaking to us for years!

Because we haven't discerned how He speaks to us, we have missed out on divine revelation that would have influenced every decision in life from career to finances, marriage and relationship. Before anything happened to you, good or bad, you were probably informed about it in a dream.

The problem is "How and when did that happen?"

Through dreams. When is another mystery we need to solve. We solve it through decoding our dreams.

Find out how to do this and get the revelation you've always wanted from God.

  1. Dreams & Visions: A general introduction
  2. The purpose and place of dreams in the Bible
  3. Dreams and your destiny
  4. Dream symbols: What do they mean?
  5. Decoding your dreams
  6. Dream Prayer points
1 manual

The Clash Of Realms


Everything you do is affected by the visible and invisible realms.

It's important you accept this truth and take the necessary action to arm yourself with revelation knowledge that will guarantee your victory in the Christian faith.

in fact, all the problems and challenges a Christian faces stems from a lack of understanding of these two realms.

Yes, they do exist and they influence everything about you. Find out how!

  1. The Visible and Invisible Realms
  2. The difference between the heavens and the earth
  3. How the spiritual and physical realms operate
  4. Laws that govern the operation of the visible and invisible realms
  5. Angels & Demons
  6. Understanding the triune being: Spirit, soul and body
4 PDF's



If you google fasting, you're going to see a lot of stuff that has NOTHING to do with fasting.

This inaccurate material is deceptive and doesn't help you get the victory you deserve from this practice.

Let's explore some of these misconceptions...

You don't fast to lose weight.
You don't fast because God wants you to starve before He hears you
You don't fast to punish yourself so that God can hear you
You don't fast to impress God
you don;t fast to cleanse your bodily system

So then, why do you fast?

That's what you're going to find out.

  1. Fasting: An Overview
  2. Why fast?
  3. Types of Fasts
  4. The Esther Fast
  5. The Daniel Fast
  6. The repentance fast

Karma Is A B!T%h!


You've heard all this stuff about curses, blessings, consequences, altars, sacrifices, 'you reap what you sow,' ancestors and all that.

Sadly, we all have lots of unanswered questions that we struggle to answer. In our frustration, we lash out at God and accuse Him of ignoring us when we need Him most.

Have you ever asked these questions?
  • Why do good people die?
  • Why do ladies remain barren?
  • Why do we continue to struggle even after we've given our lives to Christ.

It may have more to do with this subject than you think. And we need to find out why!

Or put in another way... what's the origin of these myths and what does that have to do with you?
The answer: EVERYTHING!

Karma is a b!t&h and it won't leave you alone unless a certain price is paid, whether you are a born again Christian or not.

You need to know what it's all about and how to navigate it with the help of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  1. Is it karma?
  2. What is karma
  3. Is karma identified in the Bible
  4. Extricating yourself from karma
  5. What to do if you know karma is after you
  6. Question-and-Answer session

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