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I've always been passionate about writing because words have the incredible ability to influence people

Meaningful gives me the platform to write about the things that are dear to my heart. Productivity, self improvement, podcasts, music, inspiration and transformational content.

As a busy entrepreneur, there are so many things vying for my attention that it's hard to keep up with what's important. I want to stay organized, motivated, productive and on top of things. I want to manage my time more efficiently. On top of that, I need to stay positive and intentional. Apps help me organize and streamline my worklife, while inspirational thoughts help my mental and spiritual life balance. The goal is to achieve a healthy, balanced and grounded perspective to life. But in the process, you need to learn how to filter out the irrelevant stuff from the important stuff.  That's where Meaningful comes in. I cut through the clutter to offer the valuable stuff, in the hopes that you too will derive some meaning from it.

"It's easier to be productive if you enjoy what you do."

My podcast, Meaningful is a bright short and positive reflection of valuable snippets I've learnt in my life journey. It's less than 2 minutes and a timely companion as you begin your day.

Read my Book Notes the best way to glean the wisdom of successful people is to read their success journey. I condense my most important learnings from them so that I too can benefit from their wisdom.

"We learn as long as we live."

Be more productive Find out how to execute efficiently, make time for what matters and have fun along the way. After all, it's got to be meaningful, right?

The Happiness Journey Art a time when so many people are depressed and unhappy, it's my desire to explore proven insights that make us happy and share them with you.


are all learning our way through life

A short

A couple of years ago, I realized that the purpose of life is to share what you learn with the rest of the world (your tribe) in the hope that you will inspire and transform someone's life forever. It could be a simple thought, a phone call, a comment, a podcast, a suggestion or a prompt. It could be a book you share or something you listened to that inspired you. You may never know the difference you made to that person with that one gesture.

So I embarked on a quest to learn as much as I possibly can and package that information in a simple easy to read manner that will impact as many people as possible. In the process, I realized that the best way to leave a positive mark in someone's life is to help them a little more every day. That makes your contribution to the world meaningful. And this is what I hope this newsletter does for you.



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